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Meet our training directors


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Training Strategy Director

Born in Edinburgh, Justin is the founding member of iTrain Scotland. His roles include setting strategic course development and enrichment goals, as well as setting corporate standard targets. His duties also include research into increasing the organisation's course portfolio and course diversity.
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Creative Learning Director

Born in London, Susie moved to Edinburgh in 1998. She is head of our Graphics Design courses. In addition to teaching all our Microsoft and Adobe courses, Susie is an expert in Photoshop, InDesign and Photography.
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Commercial Director

Cherylin is one of the organisation's founding members, playing a key role in its commercial sector. Cherylin acts as liaison between the organisation and our clients, ensuring excellent customer service and client satisfaction. Her role focuses on maximising long-term revenue opportunities by ongoing trusted advisory duties to clients and strengthening their loyalty.
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Finance Director

Richard joined our team in 2011 and is an important strategical member of the organisation. His roles include providing strategic and financial guidance to ensure the company's financial commitments are met. His duties also involve controlling accounts and arrears management.
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Principal Trainer / Learning Consultant

Born in Basingstoke, Liz moved to Edinburgh in 1991 and joined our team in 2002. Liz became a fully qualified iTrain Scotland trainer in 2008 taking on the role of managing our web development and web marketing training solutions.